Trade Credit

Trade Credit

Please limit what you bring us to 1 or 2 reasonably sized boxes or bags of books at a time (we get hundreds of books in per day and it is very hard to process more than a box or two at a time).

We will look through your books while you are in the store. We do not permit people to leave their books. Books we are not able to accept you must take with you. 

If we can use your books you receive 50% of the value of what we will sell the book for as TRADE CREDIT.  (Example: Publisher price $15.00  Our Price $7.50 Your Credit Value: $3.75)


Your trade credit is a 50% discount off of books in our store. (Example: You find $20 worth of books to buy, you pay $10 cash and $10 trade credit) We do NOT do straight across Trade. 

We are not able cash out your trade credit (even if you are moving away). Because of how selective our cash buying process is most of the books we will accept on trade credit don't meet our cash buying criteria. 


Most genre fiction (Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Westerns), Contemporary Fiction, Classics, Christian Fiction, Young Adult, Kids and Baby books. Non-fiction (History, Science, New Age, Field Guides, Memoir/Autobiography, Poetry, Religion, Spirituality).

We usually will not accept self published books (unless they are from local authors) or health books published over 5 years ago (Self-Help, Relationship, Diet, Medical Reference and some Cookbooks).

We do not take Encyclopedias, Magazines, Reader's Digest or books that are DAMAGED, MOLDY, TORN, UNDERLINED or HIGHLIGHTED, DAMP or DIRTY.

Cash Buying

We do occasionally buy books for cash but we are VERY selective.  We only buy books that are in high demand, new or rare. Examples:

High Demand: Vonnegut, Bukowski, Murakami, Burroughs, 1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, Infinite Jest.

New: Only out in hardcover or just out in paperback AND not something that comes in as trade credit. Generally something published in the last 1 to 2 years.

Rare: We don't want a book just because it is old. Old books are only valuable if someone wants to buy them. We are interested in books on Oregon History, Central Oregon, Native Americans, Hunting & Fishing, Gunsmithing, Railroads.

Assessing the value of books for cash can take much longer than trade credit. Some books are priced off of the set publisher's price. Example: To Kill a Mocking Bird publisher price $9.99 we sell for $5.00 you receive $1.50 (30% of what we sell a book for). Some books go up in value when they go out of print. In these cases we check various bookseller websites to assess the current average selling price. Example: Fourteen Years in the African Bush cheapest available copy ANYWHERE ONLINE is $74.00  so if we sell it for $74.00  you may receive anywhere from 15%($11.10) to 30%($22.20) depending on how quickly we think the book will turn over for us and whether or not we will be listing it online. Books on Oregon sell more quickly out of our store consequently we will pay a higher percentage for these books.  

If you have a set of nicely bound Jane Austen, or a large collection of Sailing books or some other special collection please feel free to call us to see if we are interested. 

You must call to make a CASH appointment. Because of how selective the cash process is we ask that you check your books first to see if they meet the above criteria. It is a waste of our time and yours to look at books we are not going to buy. Please feel free to call if you are not sure if your books meet the above criteria, we will be happy to talk to you. However, telling us you have "good books" is not helpful so please look at your books first before you call. Some basic information (subjects, titles, authors) is necessary for us to let you know if we will be interested in buying.  

We no longer make house calls to evaluate or buy books. 


If you would like to donate your books to us we ask that you still limit your donation to 1 to 2 bags or boxes of books. Other places we recommend for donating books: Deschutes Public Library, The Humane Society Thrift Store and City Thrift. Most thrift stores will accept books. 


Please understand these are guidelines. It would be impossible to list all the books we are looking for and all the books we don't take or all the exceptions to all the above. Please feel free to call us if you have questions.